Another Art World is Possible

Workshop: Another Art World is Possible

On Saturday, May 11 NURTUREart Gallery had a workshop hosted by the Occupy Wall Street working group Arts & Labor. The workshop was part of our exhibition: Cashing Out curated by Petrushka Bazin Larsen.

Another Art World Is Possible
Arts & Labor’s Alternative Economies Workshop
NURTUREart 56 Bogart St, Brooklyn NY 11206
May 11, 2013 3-6pm

The economic and social realities of the art world as it exists can often be a source of frustration for artists, but what might an alternative model look like? In this workshop we’ll discuss the things we like and things we don’t like about the current art world. Then we’ll learn about various alternative models and discuss amongst ourselves how they can be applied to or replace the current system.