Golden Age: Perspectives on abstract painting today

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Edited by Marco Antonini and Christopher K. Ho.

With essays and interviews by: Jonathan Allmaier, Marco Antonini, David Xu Borgonjon, Vince Contarino, Ariel Dill, David Geers, Keenan Jay, Christopher K. Ho, Lauren Martin, Lauren Portada, Nathlie Provosty, Lane Relyea, Gregory Sholette, Stephen Truax, Keith J. Varadi.

Published by NURTUREart Non Profit Inc., October 2014. Thanks to a partial grant from the Wolf Kahn and Emily Mason Foundation.

Comprising three ground-breaking essays on contemporary abstract painting plus newly published postscripts by the authors, and interspersed with the voices of the painters themselves, Golden Age is required reading for those looking to understand— and to probe— the recent return and rise of abstract painting in the US; the nascent Bushwick art scene; and the conflicting positions of its key participants.

4.25″ x 7″ trim, perfect bound, 120pg, color, 1st ed. 250 copies. ISBN-10: 0980198542

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Marco Antonini: Foreword
Conversation: Ariel Dill, Lauren Portada, Stephen Truax, Marco Antonini
David Geers: “Neo-Modern”
David Geers: Postscript to “Neo-Modern”
Conversation: Jonathan Allmaier, Vince Contarino, Marco Antonini
Lane Relyea: “DIY Abstraction”
Lane Relyea: Postscript to “DIY Abstraction”
Conversation: Nathlie Provosty, Keith J. Varadi, Christopher K. Ho
Gregory Sholette: “After OWS: Social Practice Art, Abstraction, and the Limits of the Social”
Conversation: David Xu Borgonjon, Keenan Jay, Lauren Martin, Christopher K. Ho
Christopher K. Ho: Postscript

David Geers: “Neo-Modern” Originally published in October #139, MIT Press, Winter 2012. Lane Relyea: “DIY Abstraction” Originally published on, Fall 2012. Gregory Sholette: “After OWS: Social Practice Art, Abstraction, and the Limits of the Social” Originally published on e-flux journal #31, January 2012. Idea, project management and editing: Marco Antonini and Christopher K. Ho. Book design: Marco Antonini and Ido Michaeli. Transcriptions: Sarah Corpron, Cody Rae Knue, Jacqueline Kuper Thanks to: Chris Fernald, Emma Laramie, Tabitha Piseno Cover illustration: Carys Shepard