Terry WardArtist

New York, United States
Strive for paint surfaces unlike those of other artists --even if just in subtle ways. Art is unfinished until visually it says something new. Wall-sized art should still satisfy up-close. Intrigue from a distance but also reward those who approach and scrutinize. Resist conventional ideas of up and down. Tilt. Whirl. Invert. Be topless and bottomless (ahem --spatially). Create themed groups, but design for each single piece to be able to stand alone --or within new groups. Embrace unplanned collaboration: let others (viewers, curators, owners) intermix and rearrange groups and change pieces' orientation if they care and dare. Let any single piece be shown or sold alone --or combined with others. Don't "cherish" collage-objects: rip, burn, alter. Older art may mix with new art to make whole new statements --whether being said by the artist, the gallerist, or the patrons. Allow the "sacred object" and "artist alone can speak it" concepts to be dissolved --if anyone has courage to try.


The terms of Nurture Art

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