Rae Ann HoehnArtist

Aurora, Illinois, United States
My Inner reflections break into the journey of life.
using color, contrast, and design allows me to release
my thoughts and feelings through artistic expression.
Creativity comes through the ability to capture inner visions
and see the world in a variety of views.
“Painting is my passion and something that comes from within. I see the world in colors and shapes. I find beauty hidden in every leaf and shadow that the sun and clouds let dance across the earth. My paintings reflect the joy of life as outdoor activities give me stimulation to express my creativity. My “Rae” of light shines through the warmth of my smile reflecting the inner light that inspires my paintings.”

Majoring in art and education, Rae Ann earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from North Central College in Naperville, Illinois. Her teaching career includes painting and teaching art to students at various schools (Waubonsee Community College, Mooseheart and Aurora Public Schools) in the Fox Valley area. She has also been teaching art and painting privately since 1982. Over the years many of her students have become accomplished artists.

Rae Ann has over 300 art works in private collections or galleries. Her style of abstract naturalism reflects love of nature and design. She has extensive experience in oil, acrylics, and watercolor and places particular emphasis on design through the use of computer technology and photography. Rae Ann’s passion for art and painting led her to opening an art business named “Inner Reflections”.

Visit Rae Ann at her web site www.artbyrae.com to see various of her artwork. Also artbyraeblog.com and pointsoflight.artbyrae/blogger.com

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