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New York, United States
Strive for paint surfaces unlike those of other artists --even if just in subtle ways. Art is unfinished until visually it says something new. Wall-sized art should still satisfy up-close. Intrigue from a distance but also reward those who approach and scrutinize. Resist conventional ideas of up and down. Tilt. Whirl. Invert. Be topless and bottomless (ahem --spatially). Create themed groups, but design for each single piece to be able to stand alone --or within new groups. Embrace unplanned collaboration: let others (viewers, curators, owners) intermix and rearrange groups and change pieces' orientation if they care and dare. Let any single piece be shown or sold alone --or combined with others. Don't "cherish" collage-objects: rip, burn, alter. Older art may mix with new art to make whole new statements --whether being said by the artist, the gallerist, or the patrons. Allow the "sacred object" and "artist alone can speak it" concepts to be dissolved --if anyone has courage to try.

As a joke and relational-aesthetics art-performance, Ward once ran for Lieutenant Governor of Illinois --and was then surprised to be invited to give a speech in Chicago: "Dear Prospective Democratic Lieutenant Governor Nominee....You have been selected to address one of the Chicago subcommittees." Ward's usual art activity is making large multi-panel "omnidirectional" and interchangeable process-oriented painting.

Terry Ward (AKA GrumpyVisualArtist) has exhibited solo at the New York Mercantile Exchange and has art in ongoing exhibit at the Carter Center's selective permanent display collection. Ward art hung at a Smithsonain-affiliate gallery alongside a large bronze by Arnaldo Pomodoro. Ward images appeared on digital billboards in several cities through the Billboard Art Project. Ward art has been in the personal collections of Al Gore and Cy Twombly. Ward art since 2007 has included uncommon features, some of which might be new to painting (see: http://tinyurl.com/biap-spow ). Favorable comments have come from sculptor Kenneth Snelson, historic "Flower Power" image-maker Bernie Boston, and a slew of NPR personalities: David Molpus, Martha Woodroof, Julie McCarthy.

Ward would appreciate suitable ongoing gallery representation in NYC's Chelsea area, in Washington DC, and/or at certain art fairs.

Ward exhibited in "art mob" groups at NYC's Family Business Gallery (twice) --and also at Sloan Fine Art, RH Gallery, and ArtCurrents.

Ward is an artist, art writer, and past art teacher. Ward (who writes "for fun"/"as inspired" rather than for $urvival) has been published in the "Huffington Post" and in print magazines "The New York Art World" and "In The Art World" --several cover stories with the latter. "New York" Magazine art critic Jerry Saltz has publicly called Ward a "great writer" more than once. Ward's art and writing blog is: http://GrumpyVisualArtist.BlogSpot.com

In the Clinton era at James Madison University, Ward's thesis topic dealt with found-object art and Ward graduated with honors as a studio art major.

Wards have been in New York City since the 1830s and up until the mid-1950s the Ward Line ran the former working Piers 15-17 (land where the South Street Seaport now stands). During the 1970s-90s, many of the Wards scattered to Florida and elsewhere. Ward's dad was a gruff, heavy-smoking, Clio-winning, often-fired "Mad Man"; Ward's mom was a crafty homemaker who in her youth worked in the Empire State Building and also spent summers fabricating store window displays. Terry Ward is the last of a particular branch of the Brooklyn Wards to keep up a New York presence --still making art in various outdoor sites (mostly in Red Hook). Ward's art-storage (and production site for any art involving gunfire or other processes which would be problematic in terms of City regulations) is in Virginia. In the 2010s, over 80% of a typical Ward year is south of the Mason-Dixon Line, though there is no taking the Brooklyn spirit out of some people.

Studio visit video page: http://grumpyvisualartist.blogspot.com/2012/04/studio-visit.html

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