Sasha DeesCurator

New York / Amsterdam /Caribbean
“I want to provide a platform for emerging artists who push limits, cross borders and break down barriers. Art for me is about communication, confronting people without imposing, and creating a dialogue that offers a different perspective.

I am interested in the collaboration between different cultures, traditions, genders and the various art disciplines. All art disciplines are equally important to me –theater, visual art, dance, music, spoken word and film. I work with artists who experiment with the classical art forms, who mix them up and break them down– not to destroy, but to analyze and re-use and build something new.”
Anton de Komplein 120
CBK Zuidoost
Sep 08, 2016 - Oct 22, 2016
Sep 08, 5:00 - 7:00 pm

UNLAND is my third exhibition for CBK Zuid-oost. Its inspiration is my personal wonder about the (in)ability of society to reflect and evolve. How do we relate to each other while we move around the globe for different (un)compelling reasons: curiosity, economic gain, calamities, religion, war, leisure, knowledge, personal gain, etc? How sustainable and tenable is homogeneity and autonomy? These are topics of ongoing discussion in the Netherlands in politics, media, on stages and in living rooms. Will we be able to look beyond our own shadow, to pursue a constructive dialogue, to draw conclusions and to undertake actions? In UNLAND we see artists who continue to encourage dialogue.

With: Inti Hernandez (CU), Jane Jin Kaisen (DK), Nour Eddine Jarram (NL), Quinsy Gario (NL), Robbert van der Horst (NL), Simone Bennett (NL) Vladimir Tomic & Ana Pavlovic (DK), Curator: Sasha Dees
Anton de Komplein 120, Amsterdam
CBK Zuidoost
Aug 27, 2015 - Oct 24, 2015
Aug 27, 5:00 - 7:00 pm

the shifting concept of home

Everyone knows the feeling "I'm home." Home is often synonymous with house, if you open the door of your house, you are at home. Where your house is, is where your home is.

In the global world of today the definition of home is no longer as clear as it used to be. Home is a geographical location; you're at home in Amsterdam. Home is the country of your citizenship status. Home is where you were born. Home is where you live and work. Home is where your family and friends are. Home is also a feeling. Home is where you are safe and comfortable. Home is the smell and taste of food. Home is colors and shapes. Home is music, theater, art. Home is what you know. Home is where you can be yourself. Home is where you belong.

As long as I can remember, I wanted to travel, I wanted to discover the world, make the unknown known. For me, home has always been a cursory understanding and feeling that is difficult to interpret. My home is everywhere and nowhere. I am always happy to come home whilst I’m always homesick for where I came from and I long for where I’m going. That feeling is always there and is completely independent of any geographic location or where I come from or where I'm going.

There are also those people who have remained in the same place all their lives and it’s only there that they feel completely at home and others have never felt at home living in the same place.

For years, I get the question, "but if you really had to choose a place to live, where would your home be?" The real answer is that I do not want to choose; to choose would actually make me feel homeless. The emotional response is that in winter time it would be somewhere in the Caribbean where they speak English or Dutch. The emotional response in the summer would be New York. The practical answer is Amsterdam. I have a Dutch passport and social security number. Even as a white European I can not just decide to live and work anywhere. Citizenship, borders, visas, language, bank accounts, education, work experience, war, human rights.... Realistically we can’t always choose to be home.

This comes to my mind often when I hear somebody say or read the quote in an article: "if you do not like it here, go home." What definition of home do we use here? Do we know where home is for that person? Do we decide that? Is the person that is quoted even at home? Is the person in question perhaps already home? Is home even a location where the person can go to even if he chooses to?

Sasha Dees
New York, december 2014

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