tricia wrightArtist

Brooklyn/Kingston, New York, United States
Anaglypta Dreams and Marginalia

Anaglypta Dreams is a photographic series that contextualizes aspects of my sculptural work. The series takes its name from embossed wallpaper developed in England in the 19th century, and which has personal resonance for me. In re-presenting my own sculptures as photographs I am implying another, imagined space, one that extends beyond the frame and fed by possible narratives associated with the objects juxtaposed in each piece.

Marginalia encompasses related works in painting-based assemblage. The title refers to the sidelined status of the home and those who work in it, despite its critical influence on us as individuals and as citizens. It also refers to the materials employed in making this work, commonplace objects that are considered trivial, ornamental, and generally associated with women.

The terms of Nurture Art

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