Celeste FichterArtist

Brooklyn, New York, United States
I am interested in the relationship between verbal and visual language. Sign Language is a project that explores the distance between meaning and representation, the flexibility and dynamic of language, and the conversations between the concrete and the symbolic.

I have been reading Merriam-‐Webster's English Dictionary very slowly for the last several years. Pronouncing each word aloud, studying the spelling, multiple meanings, and synonyms of each entry in alphabetical order, I explore the slippery hold that 'definition' has on meaning and both the elasticity and fragility of context. Mining the dictionary for material and using the resulting word play and punning as conceptual fodder, Sign Language is essentially a visual linguistic work about the antics of semantics.

Sign Language

I am against the wall

Date :

Medium : Printmaking, (Embossed paper, frame)

Dimensions : 12 x 9 inches

Availability : No



The terms of Nurture Art

1. abc

2. def

3. asff

4.aaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa