George DigalakisArtist

Athens, Greece
Photography is an enlightening and therapeutic process that forces me to connect with my surroundings. It is also a means of self-expression and communication that doesn’t fail me, and that invites others to the world as I see it. My work relies heavily on post-processing. Reality is perceptual and through its transformation I can interpret what surrounds me and express my emotions.
Long exposure allows me to introduce the dimension of time in a two dimensional medium and to create a dreamy atmosphere. Photographing with slow shutter speed, over a period of time, you can capture the changing world: rivers flow, clouds pass, the waves sway to and fro. The film can accumulate time, light, and events in a way elusive to the eye. The real becomes surreal.
The water, an element I am deeply drawn to, and the sky are usually the canvas on which I place my subjects. This enables me to balance the image and satisfy my need for order, serenity, and silence.
My work turns away from representation, conceptualism, and the endless search for meaning, and focuses on the wonder of beauty and simplicity.


A Forest of Pillars

Date :

Dimensions : 50x50 cm

Availability : Yes



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