kyoung eun kangArtist

Brooklyn, New York, United States
I observe, watch and focus on the small, simple everyday gestures that can have a very large meaning. I try to capture the subtlety of human nature and behavior by observing situations that question how humans form bonds and attachments, the small gestures that bridge the gap between continents to create a connection between couples, families, communities, and even strangers.

My work varies in format from live performance to video, drawing, photography and sound pieces. I create not wishing to manipulate the outcome, but to provide a transformative experience, which is open ended. I hope to capture the subtle beauty of human encounters and growth, embracing dynamic actions that resonate in the human experience, such as walking, breathing, eating and gathering.

Most of my work is filmed in real life environments, such as New York public parks, New York City streets, local Korean river bases, and at remote, isolated lighthouses. I create transitory happenings that rely simply on nothing more than my own body, people and a handful of props and objects.

New Portfolio

Self-portrait, Father

Date :

Medium : Photography, (Archival inkjet print)

Dimensions : 20x30inch

Availability : Yes



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