Jeanne TremelArtist

Brooklyn, New York, United States
Painting and making sculpture continue to intrigue me as an invitation to set up a scenario for a transformation to take place, both, in mind and in material. I've found that there is a point in the process, whether layering paint on a surface or combining materials into an object, where the intended possible direction turns. I can liken it to when a lake 'turns over' in the fall and the water changes. What was once on the bottom circulates to the top, the top layer freezing.

The themes in my work are about change and growth, strength and vulnerability, often using plant-life or biological forms to express this activity and movement. I think about mutations, accidents and adaptations that occur in nature, daily city life, and psyche. My imagination parallels these processes in a variety of media, in a hand-made and imperfect mode. Often overwhelmed by relentless stimuli and information, making art affords some resolution. My hope is that viewers find some scrap of beauty, or humor, surprise and human-ness in my combinations of mark-making and connecting materials.


The terms of Nurture Art

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