Rebecca MurtaughArtist

Queens, New York, United States
I’m interested in alchemy and the history of objects in the relationship between nature and the manmade. Transformation is a driving force when I create forms in paint, wood, clay, and mixed media. While I often work within parameters, intuition plays a significant role in the studio, along with a strong consideration of form and color. My studio practice encompasses a playful approach prompted by experimentation and improvisation that often traverses the space between painting and sculpture. While the work is painterly, it is important for the sculptures to operate in the world of objects. This is motivated by a desire to have the sculptures engage us in our own shared space while only being able to see some, but never the entirety of the sculpture simultaneously, imbuing a sense of wonder and curiosity.

The transformation of material in my work creates a shift in existence and perception for the viewer to engage with, both aesthetically and intellectually. I aim for the work to provide a heightened awareness of our surroundings and ourselves. These sculptures ask the audience to slow down and question what they are looking at: while appealing and awkward, and organic and geometric at the same time.

Works are titled two fold, they are first descriptive with a prefix of their physical existence accompanied by the name of the paint. “Aperture” sets forth a lens to view or perceive through, while also creating an inside and outside. We often lean our body for support or ease, the “Leaners” also operate as an extension of the body, such as a walking stick or a form of measure. “Aequalis” references the doubling present in our own bodies, and the duality of mind and body. I further these pairings by creating interesting juxtapositions with the language of color and it’s possible unexpected perceptions.

The terms of Nurture Art

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