Rebecca MurtaughArtist

Queens, New York, United States
The mark and history of the hand play important roles in my philosophy and process as an artist. I work in clay for its distinct physicality quality of malleability, which allow gesture and touch to be imparted with immediacy and subtlety, as well as its pre-historic origins and being directly from and of the earth. I embrace geometry and structure within the language of my work; this is a morphological art. The surfaces of my sculptures are typically vibrant, heavily textured, and mysterious. They elicit curiosity and a desire to touch and investigate further.

I’m interested in alchemy, the history of objects, the elemental, and the relationship between nature and the manmade. The desire to transform these relationships, at times to make them more harmonious, at others to create discord, is at the center of my practice as an artist. While I develop each series of nuanced pieces, time and space for experimentation and play remain constant, essential elements in my studio.

The terms of Nurture Art

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