Carter ThorntonArtist

As a visual artist, photographer, and musician my most frequent focus is on developing the stories and images that emerge from free association, improvisation, chance, and the happened-upon. As part of this process I rely on found materials, collage experiments, gestural painting, and loose strategies/frameworks for musical improvisation. While my primary focus in the last 25 years of public practice has been in creative arts therapy and sound recording/performing, during this time I’ve also created a large catalog of visual art and photography. In 2017 I began to take stock of some of this visual material and decided to start displaying it in more public forums. Across media, my work is heavily influenced by psychoanalytic theory and Korean Buddhist practice, both of which emphasize an approach of spontaneity, not knowing, being in the moment without preconceptions, and exploring relationships between the universal and the individual.

The terms of Nurture Art

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