Lisa LamontanaroArtist

New York, United States
Lisa Lamontanaro
Instagram @artistlamontanaro

Artist's Statement

My subject matter arrises from memories of experiences I've had, places I've been and relationships with individuals. I paint symbolically, representing a particular story, message or significant emotion. My art is greatly inspired by my motherhood, domestic life, as well as the unique aspects of a single person. This all evokes a vast array of emotions and storytelling which nourish my life as a female artist. My art is of a very personal nature.
My pencil sketches on paper go directly to the canvas. From there, I primarily work with acrylics and occasionally combine them with oils. I start with a general idea of colors to be used, but often the painting takes on a will of its own. I gravitate towards colors that I can almost “taste”. I have been greatly inspired and influenced by the works of Marc Chagall, Gustav Klimt and Henri Matisse. Their art has found a place in my artistic expression.

The terms of Nurture Art

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