Marcia SantoreArtist

Plymouth, New Hampshire, United States
What does any artist mean but this? Look! See what I see.

I am drawn to the endless possibilities of color, texture, line, and form to explore the point of balance between the abstract and the figurative—echoing but never repeating the variations found in life. Certain images and themes recur in my work: fish, trees, windows and doors, chairs, rooms, the sinuous lines of snakes and rivers, the silhouetted human form. Sometimes this spills over into almost complete abstraction, yet always with a basis somewhere in physical motion. Different painting series reflect these ideas in different ways.

I love color—vibrant, can’t-miss-it color juxtaposed with more color, in noncontinuous, nonrepetitive patterns that create shapes or suggest movement. I love the paint itself and everything it will do—thick, thin, smooth, textured, brushed on, dabbed on, sponged on, pressed on with a drinking straw or a pencil eraser. I sometimes paint in oils, but acrylics allow me to work with an immediacy that suits me, to paint on loose canvas, and to collage other elements to the canvas in a strongly bonded way.

Each painting is a new exploration, often resulting in somewhat ambiguous images that provoke very individual viewer responses—emotional, psychological, even political. I think every artwork should have this kind of active rather than static interpretive life—empowering each viewer to determine the work’s ultimate meaning, and allowing that meaning to change over time.

The terms of Nurture Art

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