Jodi DiLibertoArtist

West Belmar, New Jersey, United States
I was born in Brooklyn NY, and have muddled through my life ever since. That's pretty much it. I muddle, but I muddle well! I've known great adversity, and also great joy. I've met and known countless excellent people who have enriched my life, including the years and years of children to whom I "taught" the arts, but really, who have taught me much more.
Pain is in my poetry, Joy is in my painting, My Mystery is in my music. All are my Life.

Jodi Recommends

My work combines natural, celestial and man-made elements in occasionally surreal compositions that explore light, memory, consciousness and change. My signature style uses continuous, circular, intersecting lines to create a luminosity that clarifies the subject and gives life to every detail. Whether in ballpoint pen, archival marker or ink washes, I am constantly pushing the envelope on the types of atmospheres and effects I can create with these dynamic lines and their interstitial light.
Gather Around:
All beings thrive on desire and passion.
The fabled story of the Bower Bird has long been a fascination for me. The male song bird, can spend up to a year collecting twigs, berries and small objects in order to build beautiful and elaborate nests. All in the hopes of attracting a mate. These paintings are my empathetic reaction to the Bower Bird’s story. Lush settings, depicting objects I collected or scenes of a Louisiana swamp interwoven with pattern. We are all driven by the ideals and relentless toil of passion, desire and hope. Some just show it off.

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