Vivien Abrams CollensArtist

new york, New York, United States
I always feel energized by the traffic patterns on the city grid, and the waves of pedestrians moving through the streets and sidewalks. Mondrian’s Broadway Boogie Woogie is still one of my favorite paintings of all time. I was trained as a painter, but have often treated my paintings as dimensional objects. Because of this I received fellowships from 2 sculptors,George Rickey and Mark DiSuvero.
I frequently walk through the city taking photos from different perspectives; I love looking down from a tall building, out from the highline , and the awe of descending deep down into the subways’ lower levels; I love driving along the roadways which weave in and out of the city, and appreciating the urban views from different vantage points.
Presently I am interested in creating shifting spatial experiences which reference the city and today's urban design and architecture.The Urban Studies series began as paintings when my daughter chose Urban Studies as her major.It was exciting to focus my art on a path she shared. In early 2015 I began making small sculptures and exhibited them and the Urban Studies paintings at Gensler_NYC. That exhibition in 2015 marked a turning point for my work. Now my studio practice has expanded to include sculpture and architectural installations. The installations are exciting because they have the potential to engage people in the way that architecture does.

Vivien Abrams Recommends

Sarah Corona is an independent art historian and curator based in New York. One of her main interests is to discover how technology affects art and culture and how contemporary art works, realized with new media, touch the spectator and arouse that astonishment, which is often a fundamental ontological element for a work of art. She investigates furthermore art and politics in countries of conflicts and the cultural diversities in comparison to the European and American society. Bringing aspects of Art History into the context of contemporary culture is often subject of her writings, essays and exhibitions.

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