Ellowyne SmithArtist

New Mexico, New Mexico, United States

My work explores the creation of personal myths and archetypes, understood as a divine language, an instrument with which to create. My current body of work focuses on the culminating moment of a great turning point, the transfiguration of the body and the exaltation of the mind and spirit. It is the liminal spaces within these moments which most intrigues me. To be at the threshold and catch glimpses of movements not ordinarily seen with the naked eye, but felt, sensed. My work has become a documentation of these seemingly magical moments, fleeting memories and visions.
Each creation contains a mystery and an invitation, externalizing my stories and vulnerabilities, expressing what lies at the core. Anthropomorphic figures and landscapes depicted at moments of metamorphosis. Dreams. Premonitions. Either in sculptural form or on the canvas, I have found that working methodically in layers, over time building form and image with objects found and flowing plaster or working up a surface of impressionistic brushstrokes allows me to tap into an instinctual form of creativity within myself.

The terms of Nurture Art

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