Catherine Shuman MillerArtist

Buffalo, New York, United States
A Painter and printmaker, my work deals with formal concepts of color and space, line, tonal value, and texture. I am inspired by pattern found in nature as well as man made. I am fascinated by symbols that hold cultural significance. Over the years many of my series were based on cultural symbols or signifiers.
In my most recent series inspired by the symbol of the maze, I draw grid like mazes on Mylar with graphite, layering and overlapping them, working both sides of the Mylar. In the process of working with the overlapping grids, a different structure emerges.
In the printmaking process, layering and playing with transparency comes naturally. I build the print with multiple plates consisting of silk collographs, carborundum, as well as relief plates.
Whether through the process of printmaking, drawing or painting, the grid as a point of departure allows me a formal structure in which to play. I am exploring the space through layering, variations in the tone, color, texture and rhythm of movement. My work is playful organic geometry referencing the grid.

The terms of Nurture Art

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