Charles CohenArtist

Long Island City, New York, United States
From the threshold between participation and observation, I break with day to day experience. I am concerned with exposing or invoking the preoccupation with polarity that is part of our mechanism of perception. Either by virtue of a conflation, a naive lumping-together or a purposeful linking, the polarities on which we lean in order to define and perceive the world, like "nature and culture", “self and other”, "present and absent", “is and is not”, once understood, betray their opposition in order to offer us insight and a pleasant surprise—not only that are we the source of what we perceive, but also that we are one in the same as the things we see. All experiences are iterative in nature. The transformation of the subject/object relationship from real to metaphor liberates a state of being—one.

My technique employs obscuring, overlapping, deleting, combining and/or collecting one dimension or aspect of a subject. I work in mechanically reproduced media—mostly video and photography as the democratic nature of the media and the tension between original and copy add depth to the experience I create for the viewer.

The terms of Nurture Art

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2. def

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