Lefteris PapazoglouArtist

Athens, Greece
I would like my art make people think, and also believe
that my art stand out in the art world with the freedom
that my pictures inspired the creation of different thoughts
to the spectator.
Photography for me has always been my way to express
my anxieties.
Especially the relation of time with human dimension !!
Besides, this is the reason why, the most times
I am using Man as my point of focus !!
I believe that there is another self in anyone of us which you can not
see with naked eye !!!!
I work a lot with the time, the exposures are many seconds
sometimes even minutes!!
The long exposures allow me to catch the real moment!!
Each work should be able to make us look at the world anew.
Let us imagine that we find ourselves in an unknown place.
If we visualize it, we immediately render it familiar.
The place is no longer unknown, thanks to the unending moment
of the click of the camera!!!

The terms of Nurture Art

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