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January 13 January 29, 2017

NURTUREart presents Welcome! an installation of artworks by 46 third grade students from P.S. 147 made in collaboration with artist Amy Ritter.
The third grade students have cataloged their lives and the world around them by taking on the roles of cartographer, folklorist, architect, and explorer. Informed by their social studies curriculum, students question the differences between the needs and wants in our community. How can we begin to reimagine our everyday spaces around us and propose creative solutions to these needs?
The exhibition includes over 30 sculptures, created both individually and collaboratively, in response to questions about needs and wants in the students’ community. Assembled with cardboard, wood, other found materials, and painted largely monochromatically, the sculptures are small-scale models of what the community might look like if these third grade students were in charge.

Welcome! An Installation by P.S.147 Students


NURTUREart’s Education Program, with a focus on community outreach, brings practicing artists into public schools for in-school instruction with students grades 3–12. Participating artists introduce art-making skills, techniques, and projects that develop critical skills for success in school and life including collaboration, innovation, critical thinking, and problem solving. Through collaboration with public school teachers and staff, the artists-in-residence utilize visual art to access academic content and promote school objectives while offering an outlet for student expression.
NURTUREart is thankful for the contributions of our P.S. 147 partner teachers: Mr. Alimonda, Ms. Starzecki, and Ms. Szczepanski.
See more information about Amy Ritter’s residency here.