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December 17 May 21, 2011

Curated by Rachel Steinberg

Featured artists: Johannes DeYoung, Andy Cahill, Giana Marie Gambino, Hong-An Truong, Naomi Safran-Hon, Scott Kiernan, Victor Faccinto, Alan Calpe, Brittany Prater, Justin Mata, Yeon Jin Kim, and Lily & Honglei.

VIDEOROVER is an ongoing video series presented in our project room which runs concurrently with our regular exhibition programming.  On Friday, December 17 for a one weekend event, all of the selected videos from the first season were played simultaneously in the main gallery space.  Season I then reopened on January 7th in the project space adjacent to the gallery, where the videos continued to be shown on rotation until May 2011, through the rest of that year’s exhibition series.

The first season of VIDEOROVER presented a group of artists who, despite the diversity of their work, were all concerned with the reality disconnect that is specific to four-dimensional media. These artists each created an alternate dimension where life is filtered through a sieve of creative unconscious and realities are discarded and re-imagined. The videos were an amalgamation of the uncanny, the political and the everyday, presented to us in a variety of animation and editing styles. We saw the world through a new set of eyes, a digital dream-scape of rewired sensibilities.

VIDEOROVER is made possible by the generosity of the Liebovitz Foundation.