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Videorover: Season 9 / Workshop Series

December 6 May 21, 2015

NURTUREart was pleased to announce the Videorover: Season 9 / Workshop Series.

Closing Reception:
Sat. December 20, 7-9PM

In this iteration of Videorover, we focused on process, collaboration, and engagement as we invited artists to stage workshops, lectures and events in NURTUREart’s gallery space.

NURTUREart temporarily transformed its gallery into a pedagogical arena where visitors are encouraged to participate and observe. As an exhibition, Videorover: Season 9 existed cumulatively – each workshop leaving behind a video, installation, or artifact, building into the environment in the process. The works within the gallery space unfolded little by little, culminating in a closing reception on Saturday, December 20, when the entire space was in its final and fullest iteration. In addition to the events held at the space, the Videorover Archive from Seasons 3 through 8 were on display for the duration of the exhibition, re-activating the works which are the foundation of this program.

For the rest of the season, starting January 2015, the videos which were made from or served as inspiration for the workshops will be on display in the Videorover project space, adjacent to the main gallery.

The workshops which took place during this program are listed below – follow the links for more information about each one.

Franck Lesbros presents: Dustracing
Sunday December 7, 1-6PM. Find out more..

Sue Jeong Ka presents: Color Felt, Red
Wednesday, December 10, 1PM. in collaboration with NURTUREart’s Education Outreach Program. Find out more..

Dave Musgrave presents: Hardware Hacking Video Mixers: Searching for the Unintended
Saturday, December 13, 3-5PM. Find out more..

Talia Link presents: Come do your Monica Lewinsky Nails with me! Live streamed workshop from my bed… =^.^=.
Monday, December 15, 7-9PM. Find out more..

Sean J. Patrick Carney presents: It’s Probably Already Online
Thursday, December 18, 10AM – 2PM. in collaboration with NURTUREart’s Education Outreach Program. Find out more..

JaeWook Lee presents: LunarmagmaoceanLove
Thursday, December 18, 7-9PM
Organizing Actant: JaeWook Lee
Proposing Actant: Sarah Demeuse
Commentary Actants: Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy, Thyrza Nichols Goodeve
Lyricizing Actants: Ali Van
Assemblage Actant: Simone Couto
Nonhuman Actants: various objects assembled by Simone Couto
Find out more..


For more video related resources and support, we have compiled a list that can be found HERE

Featured image: Franck Lesbros, Dustracing. 2014, ink on paper.

Organized by Rachel Steinberg and Jacqueline Kuper.

Sponsored by the the Gaheon Sindoh Foundation.