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Videorover: Season 4

June 1 December 14, 2012

NURTUREart was pleased to present the fourth installment of the semi-annual series: Videorover. Curated by Rachel Steinberg, Videorover: Season 4 features artists: Karen Chan, Wojciech Gilewicz, Janne Höltermann, Michael Iauch, Alban Muja, Patrik Qvist, Saki Sato, Susanne Slavick + Andrew Johnson, and Marco Strappato.

As the potential of video continues to grow, increasingly this medium is no longer limited to documentation, but rather used to embody and catalog its own reality. In this context, Videorover’s ever-expanding forum for emerging video artists aims to present a wide range of styles and approaches from local and international artists, highlighting works that are willing to question and extend the perceptual and conceptual limitations of their medium.

In respect to the large diversity of submissions we received, and in keeping with Videorover’s original format, the final selection for this season’s program did not share a single theme, topic or style. Although a shared focus on singularity, presence and/or repeated action is found, each video could either stand alone in a group or texture a larger construction. Whether dealing with inherently human issues, digital simulacra or pop culture landscapes (and in response to the ubiquity of well crafted fiction in video art) these videos are all concerned with presenting individual and subjective truths, maintaining the viewer as the final interpreter of the discourses they set in motion.

Opened on Friday, June 1 in conjunction with Bushwick Open Studios, the videos were displayed simultaneously in the main gallery space for a one weekend event. After the weekend, these videos moved to NURTUREart’s screening area and played on a rotation of one video per day, running concurrently with the regular exhibition schedule.

Above: Marco Strappato, B(m), 2009, video still, Courtesy of the artist and Galleria Placentia Arte.