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The New Intimists

October 1 December 11, 2010

Opening Reception: Friday, Oct. 29, 7pm, press preview at 6pm.

Curated by Samantha Friedman

Featured: Mark Joshua Epstein, Amy Lincoln, Günter Puller, Heejung Cho, Janell Olah, Karen Tam, Tamara Thomsen

The New Intimists was an excitingly soft-spoken exhibition curated by Samantha Friedman, proving that two-dimensional work remains powerful.  This exhibition considered a trend within contemporary practice to embrace the decorative through the use of pattern and the subject of the interior. Inheriting the tradition of the late 19th century Nabis, these artists embraced flatness in their form and looked inside for their content.

By documenting domestic spaces – whether personal, historical, or constructed – we see a vision of life unavailable on any website. From damask wallpaper to plaid bedspreads, these artists brought the viewers back down to earth, inviting us to engage their personal space. They rejected illusionistic representation in a celebration of geometric flatness, pointing to the demure quietness of a domestic space that is commonly overlooked at a time where our attentions are so intensely fought for by issues far from the domestic sphere.

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