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The escape from the banal everyday life to the world of the ideal

November 2 December 8, 2012

NURTUREart is pleased to present “The escape from the banal everyday life to the world of the ideal”, an exhibition curated by Brooke Moyse, which featured works by Jonathan Allmaier, Tamara Gonzales, EJ Hauser, Stephen Truax, and Maria Walker. Inspired by the work of Charles Burchfield, which investigated the ability of a work of art to transcend the constrictions of its own physicality, this exhibition presented the work of contemporary artists whose viewpoint is similarly located beyond physical reality.

The exhibition evoked a time where abstraction inspired deeper spiritual connections than representation in the context of the contemporary internet-age, where we are metaphysically transported anywhere that’s clickable. The forms and environments defined by the artists ask what is meaningful about an image, and why. What we are presented with is an anachronistic history of abstraction by way of each artist’s personal scope. Each work is a product of rituals and symbols, which have been developed as original visual languages; not to narrate a story, but to search for commonality between art and history. Seemingly going back to basics with such a traditional medium, they are not conceptually re-making painting, but rather using it to explore personal and historical limitations.

Featured Image (Above)
EJ Hauser: Juicyfruit, 2012. Oil on canvas, 63″ x 60″.

Exhibition eBook now available on ISSUU.
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