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Systemic Risk

February 17 — March 16, 2012

NURTUREart was pleased to present Systemic Risk, an exhibition curated by Jonathan Durham featuring works by Daniel Bejar, Sujin Lee, Laura Napier and Risa Puno.

In financial terms, systemic risk refers to a domino effect of cascading failures, leading to the total, irreversible collapse of an entire system or market. The artists in this exhibition work to reorganize specific parameters of a given system in order to point to phenomenological behavior, inequality, misperception, and in some cases complete lack of understanding.

Daniel Bejar, Sujin Lee, Laura Napier and Risa Puno pointed toward conditions in contemporary life wherein a transition to a less optimal equilibrium is inevitable and often irreversible. This transition is key to the context of a selection of works that highlighted humorously skewed results, competing agendas, and unfortunate compromises. Employing games, social behavior, language, and cultural recognition, Systemic Risk revealed how our familiar and trusted systems are in a process of breaking down and being discredited.

Above: Risa Puno, Good Faith & Fair Dealing (detail,) 2011. Mixed media interactive installation, 119 x 54 x 39 inches.

Daniel Bejar. Daniel Bejar/Destroyer (The Googlegänger), 2009 - ongoing. Search engine intervention, digital prints, dimensions variable.