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Summer Flavors

August 18 August 26, 2016

Summer Flavors, curated by Molly O’Brien and presented in partnership with AHRC New York, features the work of Arte Moose Collective, including Denisha Brown, Fernando Cruz, Chad Deroche, Timothy McGillivaryGifford Moy, and Alex Torres. As a group of artists with developmental disabilities, Arte Moose Collective was founded to create artistic support and collaboration opportunities, while advocating for the greater recognition of artists with disabilities within the larger discourse of contemporary art. The exhibition demonstrates how this inclusive approach allows for peer influence —at times exploring similar subject matter and formats among the participants —while maintaining distinct and individualized artistic styles and flavors, important to their dedication to living self-directed lives.

Denisha Brown, working compulsively until completion, creates intricate webs of line and pattern. Fernando Cruz is conceptually responsive and materially experimental, resulting in an evolving and diverse practice. Alex Torres, who uses saturated colors in large-scale format, creates figurative paintings of mashed-up popular culture references. Timothy McGillivary paints the objects and places, reducing his subjects to basic geometric shapes, working slowly and methodically to fill them with intricate patterns and repetitive details. With diminishing eyesight, Chad Deroche is extremely inventive with new methods and materials to create work and is dedicated to spreading awareness for social injustices. The work of Gifford Moy is playful and meticulous—a humorous organizing of found materials for creating props to tell stories.

Summer Flavors is presented in partnership with AHRC New York, a family governed organization committed to finding ways for people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities to build full lives as defined by each person and supported by dedicated families, staff, and community partners. Arte Moose Collective artists are supported by AHRC NYC’s Brooklyn Day Hab Program.

Featured Image: Fernando Cruz, Bones (detail), 2013. Acrylic paint and thread on fabric, 28″ x 21″.

Summer Flavors