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Summer Anagram

July 1 August 7, 2016

Cortney Andrews
Courtney Childress
Theresa Daddezio
Amanda Friedman
Rachel Phillips
Cheon Pyo Lee

Curated by Marco Antonini
Opening: July 1, 2016
6pm to the end of the night
Closing: August 7, 2016

56 Bogart St.
Brooklyn, NY 11206
718 782 7755


Summer. The bright, careless expanse of time spent doing nothing. Vacationing in someone else’s home. Discovering there’s nowhere to get back to. Staying put because there is no money. Coal and backyards, radiating. Mountain air as thin as you remembered it (how nice is that?) Cursing the ones who leave, rest and celebrate. Melting handball courts. Cooling down by setting everybody else’s air on fire. Iced nutcrackers from a guy you wouldn’t give a quarter to. The rattling hum of it all. The people. The beach. The bodies.
Summer is what you make of it. And so is this show. You might find Summer Anagram off-topic, or rife with unnecessary elisions. Disharmonic, even. I wouldn’t really have a problem with that, or an excuse.
To art world denizens, summer used to be downtime. Proudly bourgeois “Closed for Vacation” signs. Gallery owners off to:
OOOOOThe Hamptons
OOOOOSaint Barth’s
OOOOOFort Tilden
OOOOOTheir living room, with an A.C. unit on, and Rolling Rocks
OOOOOThe real world
Some of these signs even had small decorations. Palms-and-sunset clip art. Endless waves in grainy inkjet. Vague, apologetic tones. Then, at some point, summer also become about work. Just like all other things. Summer shows about showing more work. Summer shows about trying to sell something, even when the buyers are away. Summer shows about renting your space to others for a breath of air.
In more than a way, Summer Anagram is a summer show like every other summer show. It embraces its format and its season. It claims no conceptual crutch. The exhibition’s title is also there to confuse so, please, do not think too hard about it. It happens that it is summer here, as I write this.
Artworks are as strong and relevant as the more or less transparently structured algebra backing their visual, conceptual, technical and material components. The ones selected for this exhibition make no exception. Their units can be taken apart and recombined around new formulas, overlap and complement each other like the abstract-sounding, recurring letter clusters of an anagrammatic poem.
That upon your visit you will feel compelled to not only take each artwork in, but also take them apart, assembling and reassembling what you see and experience is, in essence, Summer Anagram’s most intimate ambition.
We will have cold drinks.



Featured Img: Cortney Andrews, Hole 2011. C-print, Dimensions variable.

Summer Anagram