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July 18 August 30, 2015

NURTUREart is delighted to announce Sextant, curated by Marco Antonini, featuring works by Keren Benbenisty, Jessica Cannon, Calum Craik, Maria Kondratiev, Andrea Nacciarriti, Igor Ruf, and Nikola Uzunovski.

This exhibition brings together works of art that function as orientation marks, cardinal and/or vanishing points inside the gallery space. Focusing the viewer’s attention on natural, artificial and fictional elements, leading beyond their real and perceived confines, into uncharted territory. The exhibition title pays homage to the nautical instrument that first allowed astral navigation, an ingenious optical/mechanical device to calculate the distance between objects/landmarks on land or at sea. Smart, simple and timelessly beautiful, a sextant is a powerful reminder of how connected to the universe we actually are. In Sextant, present-tense experience and poiesis reconnect us to the tangible (and symbolical) infinities informing our understanding of the sensible world.

The artists featured in Sextant are (almost entirely) culled from NURTUREart’s Online Registry of Artists and Curators, a free place to share, see and talk art.

^ Featured Image (above) Nikola Uzunovski, My Sunshine, 2008. Photo Documentation Courtesy the Artist / Pollinaria / Daniela D’Arielli

Jessica Cannon, Myth Z, 2013. Acrylic on paper 6" x 6.25".


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