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Scott Lawrence: Monochrome

September 28 October 27, 2012

NURTUREart proudly exhibited Monochrome, Scott Lawrence’s first solo exhibition. Lawrence’s work pitches poetics against instrumental reason through sculpture, painting, drawing and the manipulation of everyday objects.

Monochrome is a selection of quasi-monochromatic and deceptively understated works in which the artist’s ambivalence toward Minimalism is belied by just the right measure of whimsy and dysfunction. Using materials such as pants and dress shirts stretched over geometric plates and frames, Lawrence reinvents staples of white-collar attire as absurd yet elegant artwork. Lawrence’s statements fall somewhere between high-minded formalism and dive-bar joke.

Lawrence’s process of “charging material with the immaterial” reveals the objects’ underlying complexity, inviting us to reconsider their origins and question their identity. Through the acute but playful presentation of these objects, we are subtly reminded that, yes, we do in fact all wear pants.

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