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Saul Chernick: FRAMEWERK

February 4 March 5, 2017

Curated by Saul Chernick and Moriah Carlson

FRAMEWERK Workshops, where participants are invited to complete their own visual responses, will be led by Saul Chernick and held at NURTUREart’s Gallery on the following days:
Saturday, February 18, 3pm
Thursday, February 23, 7pm.

RSVP here to participate in and contribute to FRAMEWERK.

Saul Chernick’s black and white drawings and collages present constellations of artifacts in tableaux form. His subjects are delivered in a graphic, idiosyncratic visual language, which contrasts artificiality and naturalism. The objects he draws are enshrined as though in a cabinet of curiosities, suspended beyond reach for the benefit of contemplation. A sense of containment, which permeates this body of work, is extended into FRAMEWERK, a project that invites the public to join the art making process in social and collaborative contexts. Framing and staging devices, developed by Chernick, initiate the beginning of an idea on paper, which is completed by individual participants. FRAMEWERK introduces ambiguity to make space for invention. A motif of repeated templates, which echo through participants’ individualized responses, contrasts the radical ways in which participants transform and redirect new work.

FRAME: An enclosing border; a structure that underlies or supports a system, concept, or text.

WERK: German: an achievement resulting from work, a work of art; American slang: a term derived from the words “work” and “twerk” meaning to do something exceedingly well.

Saul Chernick: FRAMEWERK

FRAMEWERK, a participatory art project developed by artist Saul Chernick, calls upon participants to draw, paint, collage, and write on pre-selected, template prints. Participants may visit the exhibition independently to generate their artworks or visit during open studio workshops facilitated by the artist or trained facilitators. FRAMEWERK prints feature black and white images, each taking the form of a visual framing device with open space inside them. These apertures function as a creative prompt, which participants can respond to in any way they choose. Participants can keep their original artworks after the exhibition, however original work or reproductions may be presented in the exhibition or online to showcase the range of creative responses generated through this community-oriented process.

Saul Chernick (B.F.A. RISD, M.F.A. Rutgers University) is a visual artist and educator. He has exhibited in museums including the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, the Bronx Museum of Art, the Jewish Museum of Art, and in galleries including Max Protetch, Meulensteen, Senior & Shopmaker, Soloway, and Rush Arts. He attended Skowhegan (2000) and was the recipient of the Lower East Side Printshop Special Editions Residency (2011) as well as the Gowanus Studio Space Printmaking Residency (2013). As an educator he has taught for, and worked with, a number of institutions including the public school system, The Cooper Union, Parson’s School of Design and the Museum of Modern Art, Dreamyard Project, and the Joan Mitchell Foundation.

Moriah Carlson is a visual artist, fashion designer, and veteran art educator. Her aesthetic vision combined with her expertise in curating community-based exhibitions by and for young people greatly informed the installation and presentation of FRAMEWERK. Moriah co-founded and was head textile and clothing designer for Feral Childe, a sustainable fashion label. She and her design partner, Alice Wu, presented work in diverse venues such as MAK Center/Schindler House, High Desert Test Sites, Santa Fe Art Institute, Parrish Art Museum, and SCOPE Art Fair. Moriah runs the Visual Art Program at The Dreamyard Project, which serves youth in New York City public schools. She has studied at the New York Studio School and received her B.A. from Wellesley College.

FRAMEWERK is sponsored in part by Blick Art Materials.