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Open Call for Artists: Exhibition Opportunity with Project Curate

Online Submission Form


(Im)Perfection is an exhibition featuring artworks by practicing artists curated by students of Juan Morel Campos High School with Simone Couto.

What is perfection? What are the standards of perfection? Can an artwork be perfect and imperfect at once? Should artists strive for perfection? The students of Juan Morel Campos High School invite artists to submit works for the upcoming exhibition, (Im)Perfection. Artworks can take the form of objects, audio or video.


About Project Curate
Project Curate is a program of NURTUREart in partnership with Juan Morel Campos High School where students learn the entire curatorial process from experiencing contemporary art firsthand, to conceptualizing a curatorial theme, selecting artwork, and organizing an exhibition.

We are an advanced high school art class at Juan Morel Campos High School discussing and learning art history and curating by making art and viewing different practices. We believe art opens different opportunities for everyone. Art reflects on changes in the world and helps us open up to new experiences. We chose to curate the exhibition (Im)Perfection as we believe that it is essential for people to be themselves, not judged, or expected to look a certain way. We are all different. We celebrate differences.

Even if something is not perfect, it can still be beautiful. —Rosemary, Project Curate Student Curator.


How to Submit
Artists submit work samples via an Online Submission Form hosted by Submittable. Please include up to 3 images or links of your work of any size or medium as well as the following: Title, Year, Medium, Dimensions. Optional: short description of the work. Please note: Images should be jpegs and saved as Last Name_First Name_#.jpg. Audio and video should be hosted on third party websites (i.e. Vimeo, Youtube, etc.), and a link should be provided. Artists will be notified the status of their application by May 2019. Please do not call. If you have any questions, contact Grace McDonald, Education Director, at grace@nurtureart.org.


Important Dates
Deadline to apply: March 15, 2019, 11:59pm
Artist notification: Mid–Late April, 2019.
If selected: artwork delivery drop off at NURTUREart on or before May 23, 2019.


Work Sample Guidelines
Digital Images: Before uploading files to the Online Application Form, you must save them on your computer in the following format: LastName-FirstName-#.jpg. For collaboratives, use the primary contact Last Name and First Name. For example: Simpson-Lorna-1.jpg Simpson-Lorna-2.jpg etc.

  • •  Submit up to three (3) images.
  • •  Files must be saved as jpegs, 800 pixels in the longest dimension, at 72 dpi.
  • •  Each image filename must be saved as LastName-FirstName-#.jpg.
  • •  During the selection process, images will be projected and viewed one at a time.
  • •  Captions should include: Title, Year, Medium, Dimensions.
  • •  Prints, slides, catalogs, original artwork, and other materials will not be accepted.

Video/Audio: Provide link addresses to video or audio clips hosted by a third party (i.e. Vimeo, YouTube, etc.). Be sure that links are active for at least four months after the deadline. Provide passwords for password-protected videos. Each clip will be reviewed up to three (3) minutes by the jury.

  • •  Submit up to three (3) video/audio clips.
  • •  Indicate the cue time if your video is over three (3) minutes long (i.e. start at 0:00 or 1:30).
  • •  Start times for each clip should begin a segment that best represents your work.
  • •  During the selection process, videos will be projected.
  • •  Provide passwords to password-protected videos if applicable.
  • •  Captions should include: Title, Year, Original Format, Original Running Time.