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On Hold

July 19 August 23, 2013

NURTUREart held a closing reception for this exhibition on Fri. August 23 from 7-9PM during which we presented a special project from our Education Program. More information HERE.


NURTUREart was pleased to present On Hold, a group exhibition curated by Alma Egger and featuring artists: Margaret Coleman, Jeff Feld, Tracy Grayson, Jennifer Gustavson, Allison Maletz, Andrea Suter, and Jeanne Verdoux.

On Hold aims to alter our perception of daily occurring pauses, transforming anxiety-producing events into opportunities for reflection. Some of the works examine the ubiquitous intermissions in everyday life, gaps caused by public signage and other symbols, others depict more or less direct occurrences of wasted time and labor. All featured artworks focus our perception of time and space by suspending the sense of urgency, a suspension that inspires a transformation of events and objects typically categorized as a “waste of time” into touch points of contemplation and value creation.

In contrast with the unrelenting pace of contemporary society, these works present an opportunity to let go of anxiety, a chance to liberate the objects and contexts that surround us from the slavery of utility. By relieving the sense of exigency that these objects may engender via daily routines, otherwise banal works are uplifted into exceptionality. It is through this liberation and appreciation of the everyday that we can find the extraordinary within our own normality.

Featured Image: Tracy Grayson, Tulsa, 2005, oil on wood.





Allison Maletz, Mold #24, 2010-2013, watercolor on paper