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June 9 June 29, 2012

NURTUREart proudly presented Juxtacombo, an exhibition curated by Project:Curate! and Christina Vassallo that featured artists Tom Bogaert, Kate Donnelly, Cary Horton, Bridget Parris, Elisa Pritzker, Steve Rossi, Cindy Stelmackowich and Anna T.

Contemporary society is simultaneously liberating and suffocating. As curators approaching adulthood in the early twenty-first century, the Project: Curate! team has learned to cope with the chaotic surroundings of the digital age and find inspiration within it. They are deeply concerned with what makes every day experiences stand out from the constant exposure to advertising, music, movies, art, and other forms of popular culture – especially in an over-stimulating environment like New York City. Of particular interest to these young curators are the effects of unexpected combinations and how they become extraordinary or entertaining.

Juxtacombo explored the humor, horror and abstractions that result from unusual pairings, as well as the potential for unintended interpretations. The meaning of many of the selected works change depending on the viewer’s cultural context. The eight artists included in the exhibition challenged perceptions and examined the assumptions that are an intrinsic part of our consciousness.


As part of NURTUREart’s Education Program, Project: Curate! provides advanced high school students from Juan Morel Campos Secondary School an opportunity to experience contemporary curatorial practices by working closely with a professional curator throughout the year, culminating in an exhibition at NURTUREart Gallery.

Featured Image: Kate Donnelly, Also There, 2012, video still.