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Idle Time/Busy Mind

June 11 June 25, 2009

Featured artists: Angela Earley, Ariel Luisa Mercado, Brian J Hogan, Carol Radsprecher, Deanna C. Lee, Denise Martinez, Eduardo Alexander Rabel, Eileen Hoffman, Elisa Pritzker, Elizabeth Riley, Jennie Booth, Julie Oppermann, Kristin Brenneman Eno, Linn Edwards, Madeline Stillwell, Margaret Inga, Maria Spector, Mario Barrera, Matthew C. Wilson, Michael Krasowitz, Mitchell Marco, Natasha Harsh, Rebecca (Marks) Leopold, Robin M. Jordan, Sarah Paulson, Vida Sacic, and students of Juan Morel Campos Secondary School

The NURTUREart Curatorial Students at Juan Morel Campos Secondary School curated an art exhibition that explored the story behind the making of art: the process made visible, the mental mapping, and the space between. We put out a call for artwork that asked: Where do you go when you let your mind be free? What are the limitations of freedom? What are the tracks of your creative process? What does your mental map look like?

The work that artists submitted was as varied as the possible responses to these many questions. We received work from artists who let materials guide their process, artists who examine the everyday routine as an art practice, and artists who analyze the role of change connection in the way they create their work. We were delighted to present a collection of work that takes us inside the mind of artists, revealing secrets of the time and process of when their idle mind becomes a busy mind.

IDLE TIME/ BUSY MIND was a production of the NURTUREart Education Outreach Programs. Learn more about all of NURTUREart’s programs and opportunities for emerging artists and curators at www.nurtureart.org