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Christine Licata

February 24, 2010

Christine Licata is a New York based Art Critic, Writer and Curator. She is contributing writer for “Art on Paper” and has published artist catalog essays for the Cue Foundation/Marina Adams, Marcos Dimas and the artist collective G4: Vicente Fabre, Luis Leonor, Moses Ros and Reynaldo Garcia Pantaleon. She is currently the Associate Curator at the Taller Boricua Galleries in Spanish Harlem. Her latest exhibition is on-view until March 6th and is comprised of four solo shows by the artists: Keith O. Anderson, Melissa A. Calderon, William Coronado and Chanika Svetvilas. Other on-going projects include a collaboration with poets Ron Padgett and Bill Berkson in creating an archive and eventual foundation for New York artist George Schneeman.

Taller Boricua / The Puerto Rican Workshop is a 40-year old artist-run nonprofit art gallery and multi-disciplinary cultural space in El Barrio. Our mission is to be a proactive institution for the community in East Harlem by offering programs that stimulate its social, cultural and economic development through the promotion of the arts. Taller Boricua is an artist-run 501(c)3 non-profit art gallery.