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Blood, Sweat and Tears: the Work of Art and Tragedy

June 3 June 24, 2011

Curated by Project: Curate! and Krista Saunders

Featured artists: Delaney DelPonti, Bianca Dorsey, Jae Y Lee, Rebecca (Marks) Leopold, Steven Ketchum, Graham McNamara, Bridget Parris, Boris Rasin and Judy Richardson

Blood, Sweat, and Tears: the Work of Art and Tragedy endeavored to examine 21st century tragedy, disaster and renewal. The exhibition was an attempt to connect with contemporary artists who are also passionate about this theme. Nine artists were selected whose work explores a particular contemporary disaster, personal tragedy, or the rigor of cultivating new beginnings.  As young adults who have come of age in the burgeoning 21st century, the curators of this exhibition are themselves well-versed in tragedy, disaster and renewal firsthand (as New York City dwellers) and from a distance.

While artists Steven Ketchum and Judy Richardson investigated the colossal scope of destruction, artists Graham McNamara and Jae Y Lee focused on the subsequent coping and rebuilding efforts. National tragedies made global -such as the earthquake in Haiti — evolve as the subject of Bianca Dorsey’s work, in conjunction with private, everyday tragedies touched on by the artist Delaney DelPonti. Finally, Boris Rasin offered the viewer a moment of comic relief, by depicting Godzilla — a pop culture icon famous for his destructive tendencies — cleaning up after his mess.

As part of NURTUREart’s Education Outreach program, Project: Curate! provides advanced art students of Juan Morel Campos Secondary School an opportunity to experience contemporary curatorial practices by working closely with a professional curator throughout the year, culminating in an exhibition at NURTUREart Gallery. This program is made possible with the support of Abbee Bourret, Denise Martinez and NURTUREart Staff.

Gallery installation pics by Rebecca (Marks) Leopold

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