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May 2 May 23, 2014

NURTUREart was pleased to present #ArtistsBeLike, curated by Project Curate and Loney Abrams, and featuring artists: Mikkel Carl, Mitchell Charbonneau, Emily Clayton, Andrea Crespo, Justin Kemp, Michael Pybus and Paul Wiersbinski. #ArtistsBeLike was curated by 12 digital natives, high school students born after the Internet.

Coming of age in a virtual world, we communicate in emoticons and images, through avatars and screen names. We sometimes have trouble distinguishing art from the rest of what we see online, where most everything could be art but isn’t, or is art but doesn’t look like it. This group exhibition brings together 7 artists from around the globe and found online. They offer us new perspectives on our own experiences growing up on the web.

Project Curate provides a class of advanced art students from Juan Morel Campos High School an opportunity to experience contemporary curatorial practices by working closely with a professional curator for the whole school year, culminating with an exhibition at NURTUREart Gallery. This year their mentor was Loney Abrams, Co-Director of hotelart.us and ThereTherebiz.bizProject Curate is part of NURTUREart’s Education Program, dedicated to nurturing and enriching the next generation with its unique arts programs that connect practicing professional artists and curators with students and teachers.

This year’s student curators are: Angel Montes, Angelica Ortiz, Cesar Beltre, Charisma Rios, David Ortega, Destiny Perez, Gesifed Pauear, Kayla Gamble, Madeline Santiago, Ramon Capellan, Tinia Albert and Yunior Rivas. Classroom teacher: Denise Martinez.

Featured image: Victoria Duffee, Falafel Platter, 2014. Email communication, dimensions variable.


Paul Wiersbinski, ‘Economy of Attention,’ 2013. Single channel video, dimensions variable.