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Arianna Carossa: Argo

March 23 April 20, 2012

NURTUREart was pleased to present Argo, a solo exhibition by emerging artist Arianna Carossa, a winner of the 2011/2012 open call for Artists and Curators. Carossa’s artistic practice aims to question an object’s potential, not only how we interact with it, but the imaginary (or real) possibilities of its autonomous existence.

Can an object be alive? Moreover, would human presence be necessary to validate the life of something inanimate? Would that something even exist without us?

For her solo exhibition, Arianna Carossa focused on Argo, a mythological boat with the gift of language, a “character” in the Greek myth of Jason and the Argonauts. Using that legendary vessel as a starting point, the artist has built fragments of boats or arks, which will constantly shift physical states throughout the duration of the exhibition. Through these seemingly still vessels, she intervenes in our objective reality, asking us to search for hints of livelihood in sculptures that we perceive as implicitly inert. Inspired both by other contemporary works of art and the myth of Argo, Carossa’s work alludes to the history of their own creation. The materials themselves are an ethereal body, representative of Carossa’s own creation as an emerging artist.

Above: The intensity of our mistake, 2012. Wood, brass, 40x47x19″

Above: exhibition video clip by Giovanni Posa.

Below: Exhibition views – see more photos HERE