Videorover: Season 7 Call for Submissions

The submission period is now closed, please send questions to Stay tuned for the announcement of the results!


NURTUREart’s dedicated video program, Videorover aims at becoming an ever-expanding forum for new and emerging video artists. This season’s Videorover will be guest curated by Nicholas O’Brien, a net-based artist, curator, and writer whose research revolves around the exploration of digital self and the relevance of landscape representation within network culture. His work and projects have appeared at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Dazed Digital, 319 Scholes, Art F City, Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam, the Brooklyn Rail, Frieze d/e, the Portland Art Museum, the Baryshnikov Art Center, and He currently is teaching at acting as gallery director for the Department of Digital Art at Pratt Institute.


Winter is coming, but what will it bring?

For some, it will bring yuletide greetings, a happy hearth, or some festive closing to the year. For others, it will bring the cold, inhospitable conditions of a time best spent in hibernation, cloistered away from the treacherous frozen elements that lay beyond the heated threshold.

For most, however, this season instills a sense of repose, pause, and contemplation. For better or worse, now is often the time when one begs to ask what the year has offered and what the next will bring. This desire to reflect seems integral in surviving the cold months ahead, and it is in this spirit that the Videorover series at NURTUREart seeks submissions for their winter series.

What do these months mean to you? Are they the time for respite? Are they the time for sledding? Are they the time for seeking warmth on the opposite side of the globe? What is this hemisphere’s winter compared to the other’s summer? Can our attention and focus be understood as seasonal?

Videorover seeks film and video works that address these concerns, either through the production of new works, or existing pieces that reflects on the season. These works do not necessarily need to speak to the specific climate conditions of one’s immediate surroundings, but should question what this time of year means for the individual maker.

Deadline Extended: midnight on October 15, 2013

Please read the rules and guidelines below before submitting:

– Given the particular means of presentation and fruition of this program, videos less than 20 minutes in length will be favored. In keeping with NURTUREart’s mission to show new and emerging artists, only video work that has been completed within the past five years is eligible for this exhibition. If your work has been included in a Videorover program within the past two years (i.e.: Videorover 3, 4, 5, or 6) you are not eligible to apply.

– Please follow the link below to submit, and be ready with links to your videos, website, and online version of your CV (if available).

– No more than 3 videos can be submitted per artist or group.

– All videos must be available to be viewed streaming online, we will not accept file transfers.

– If you don’t have a working website, or online CV, please send an email with your CV attached to


Please send all questions and concerns to