Videorover: Season 6 Call for Submissions!

The submission period is now closed. Pleased stay tuned as the winners will be announced soon along with more information about the upcoming exhibition.


NURTUREart’s dedicated video program, Videorover aims at becoming an ever-expanding forum for new and emerging video artists. This year Videorover is partnering with the annual Chicago based performance art festival RAPID PULSE to present performance inspired works made for the camera and to be presented on the screen. Expanding the boundaries of what is or can be performance art is one of the many focuses of the festival, as well as questioning ideas on presence, live-ness and mediation. These tropes will be explored through this video screening partnership, and will be screened both in Chicago and New York.

We are looking for works in the spirit of performance as a medium, privileging the body as the vehicle for production. We are not specifically looking for videos which are only serve as performance documentation, but rather works in which the body and the video act as collaborators.

Deadline: April 21, 2013

Rules and Guidelines ///

Videos will be favored that are less than 20 minutes in length. In keeping with NURTUREart’s mission to show new and emerging artists, only video work that has been completed within the past five years is eligible for this exhibition. If your work has been included in a Videorover program within the past two years, you are not eligible to apply. (IE: Videorover 2, 3, 4 or 5).

– Please follow the link below to submit, and be ready with links to your videos, website, and online version of your CV (if available).

– No more than 3 videos can be submitted per artist or group

– All videos must be available to be viewed streaming online, we will not accept file transfers.

– If you don’t have a working website, or online CV, please send an email with your CV attached to

Please send all questions and concerns to


DEFIBRILLATOR Performance Art gallery hosts an annual international performance art festival called RAPID PULSE that will presents over 30 international, national and local artists that perform throughout a ten-day period.  RAPID PULSE includes gallery-hosted performances as well as public performances, screenings, workshops, lectures, panel discussions and other conversations. The curatorial committee consists of Julie Laffin, Steven Bridges, Giana Gambino, and Joseph Ravens.

Defibrillator presents programming that focuses on a vast range of styles and forms to educate the public regarding the often misunderstood artistic medium of performance. Defibrillator raises appreciation for performance art among the general public through programming, workshops, symposia, discourse and criticism. Providing opportunities for students and emerging artists, Defibrillator cultivates a resourceful and supportive artistic community. The festival will commence on June 01, 2013 and end on June 10, 2013.