Lawn School: July 5-August 30

Final Classes: August 30 in Tomkins Square Park

Priscilla Stadler and Gary Richmond How to Do an I-Ching Reading, 7-8:30 PM

/// The I-Ching, a Chinese text known as the Book of Change, is one of the oldest existing texts in the world. It has been used for divination, guidance in political and military strategy, meditation, and as inspiration for creative work. Whether you are new to the I-Ching, have used it a little, or are an experienced practitioner, we welcome you to this class. The class will cover: basic background, what is a trigram, what is a hexagram, generating your question, how to “throw” the I-Ching, doing actual readings as a group and individually, and a handout will be provided.///

Priscilla Stadler and Gary Richmond are members of The Book of Changed, a multi-disciplinary collaborative of eight artists using the I-Ching as a tool for creative investigation. Stadler is an interdisciplinary visual artist using drawing, sculpture, and human interaction to investigate how we construct meaning from randomness and whether divination really works.

Christhian Diaz, Fran Gallardo and YOU How to build homemade tropical weapons for self-defense: Banana-chucks7-8PM

/// The class begins with a brief intro to the history of nun-chucks and then proceeds to a demonstration on how to build your own chucks with 2 bananas and banana leaves. This is an interactive lesson and participants will create their own objects through the given instructions.

MATERIALS: Participants are asked to bring their own bananas (or other tropical fruit). We will provide plastic knives and banana leaves. ///

Jessica Kaire is a Guatemalan multidisciplinary artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. She works as a teaching artist in public schools through various non-profit organizations and is the co-founder of El Nuevo Museo de Arte Contemporaneo (NuMu) in Guatemala City.

Todd Shalom Elastic City, 7:30 – 9PM

/// Todd Shalom, Director/Founder of conceptual walks organization Elastic City will join folks on the lawn to talk about the organization, how he creates a walk and how he works with artists to adapt their talents to the walk format. He’ll bring a few poetic exercises with him for the group to try out too.///

Todd Shalom is the founder and director of Elastic City. He works with text, sound and image to re-contextualize the body in space using vocabulary of the everyday. In his performance work, Todd often collaborates with performance artist/director Niegel Smith. Together, as Permiso, they conceive and stage interactive rituals in public and private environments. Todd is currently a Visiting Instructor in the Writing department at Pratt Institute.


Free education is not a new idea, it is something that anyone can start and continue. In the current Zeitgeist of reclaiming what should be, maybe was, and can again be free, there is a need to create and share a learning experience that is accessible to everyone.

To this purpose, NURTUREart is pleased to present Lawn School, a weekly series of free classes, lectures, discussions and workshops that occur in public parks and spaces throughout New York City. Lawn School, organized by Megan Snowe and Rachel Steinberg, showcases a series of engaging PDE (Public Displays of Education).

Based on a replicable, open source model for creating an environment for education and inspired directly by the San Francisco Diggers, Colin Ward’s Streetwork: The Exploding School, OWS teach-ins, as well as alternative education projects such as Trade School and The Public School, Lawn School aims to invoke the potential power of the public sphere through creating comprehensive learning opportunities while actively aware of the social spaces outside of the classroom. Teachers in any area of expertise will lead the public in interactive classes in order to put these ideas into practice.

Open to any and all to teach and attend, each session will take place on Thursday evenings throughout the summer. Teachers are invited to lead classes in one of our park hubs – Maria Hernandez Park (July 5 – 19), Fort Greene Park (July 26 – August 9), Tompkins Square Park (August 16 – 30) – or a public space of their choosing. If you would like to teach a class, please email:

For more information and the official class schedule, please visit out website HERE.

Lawn School will be a part of NURTUREart’s 2012 summer exhibition series: …Is This Free? curated by Marco Antonini.

For the first Lawn School class, Artist Marie Lorenz taught the principles of floating.