Open Call for Artists and Curators

The submission period is now closed, the winners will be announced later in the spring. Our annual open call will re-open in January, 2017.


Past members of our selection panels have included: George Adams, Nathalie Angles, Anne Barlow, Jackie Battenfield, Jonathan Berger, Ingrid Bromberg-Kennedy, Tyler Coburn, David Cohen, Cornell DeWitt, David Andrew Frey, Summer Guthery, Paddy Johnson, Ajay Kurian, Omar Lopez-Chahoud, Amani Olu, Kevin Reagan, Peter Rostovski, Jose Ruiz, Martha Schwendener, Benjamin Sutton, Wallace Whitney, B. Wurtz, Raul Zamudio.

Every year, we also organize a Curatorial Workshop, to give Curators the chance of showing us their curatorial proposal and offer meaningful feedback BEFORE they send their applications out. For any questions or concerns, please email