WE ARE at The Luminary, St. Louis

NURTUREart is pleased to announce that an iteration of our 2011 summer programming: We Are, is traveling down to The Luminary in St. Louis.

We Are, curated by NURTUREart’s Executive Director and Curator Marco Antonini, exists somewhere between a festival, short-term residency program and a pop-up exhibition. Consisting of seven one-week long shows by St. Louis based artists and curators, the exhibition acts as a statement of identification with the people that make up the St. Louis community.

The fast-paced exhibition features some of the most compelling artists and curators in St. Louis and will be housed in The Luminary’s unfinished new space at 2701 Cherokee Street, using the gallery’s in-progress status as an opportunity to experiment more fully with their form. The project emerged out of dozens of studio visits with area artists, galleries, and curators, out of which the seven participants were selected as a wide-ranging representation of the forms of work taking place locally. From a series of abstracted photographs of The Luminary’s new building in transition to selections of remarkable vernacular art, We Are offers a vibrant portrait of art in St. Louis in the moment that will continue to expand over the duration of the show.

David Johnson, from the “Your Walls Aren’t That White” series.

WE ARE: exhibitions calendar:

David Johnson, artist

Your Walls Aren’t That White, Part 3
On view October 25th through October 29th.
Opening reception from 6-8pm on October 25th.

Netta Sadovsky, curator
Move Forward! (New Tires Change Everything) featuring work by Lyndon Barrois, JaNae Contag, Cassie Jones, Robert Long and Matthew Rosenfeld.
On view November 1st through November 5th.
Opening reception from 6-8pm on November 1st.

Jeremy Kannapell, artist
On view November 8th through November 12th.
Opening reception from 6-8pm on November 8th.

Laurencia Strauss, artist
On Compost
On view November 15th through November 19th.
Opening reception from 6-8pm on October 25th.

John Foster, artist and curator
Finding Art: Objects from the Collection of John and Teenuh Foster
On view November 22nd through December 3rd
Opening reception from 6-8pm on November 22nd

Peter Pranschke, artist
On view December 6th through December 10th.
Opening reception from 6-8pm on December 6th.

Michael Behle artist
Start all over, re volla trats
On view December 13th through December 17th.
Opening reception from 6-8pm on December 13th.
All shows will be open Friday from 6-8pm, Saturday from 12pm-6pm, Monday from 12pm-6pm and Tuesday from 12pm-6pm. The exhibition will also act as a preview of the in-process new building at 2701 Cherokee as it evolves throughout Fall 2013.

We Are is made possible with support from the Missouri Arts Council, Regional Arts Commission and Arts and Education Council.