Videorover 5 at Press Street in New Orleans!

Videorover: Season 5, Program #2 traveled down to New Orleans for a one night screening event presented by Blake Bertuccelli at Press Street’s Antenna Gallery. This was Videorover’s second partnership with Press Street and the Charitable Film Network in New Orleans.

The screening featured Videorover: Season 5 artists Lena Bergendahl, Stefan Demming, Jonathan Durham, Ellie Irons, Mary Ivy Martin, Maria Rapicavoli & Janne Schäfer, and Elisabeth Smolarz.  This selection of videos focused on the mystification or de-mystification of a single character or group.  They served as quasi-fictional documentaries, left upon the viewer to decide the level of truth.  The information presented was missing a link, leaving a subtle uncanniness, understood through this character, or his/her traces.  This selection of more narrative works served as a complement to the selection displayed on rotation at NURTUREart Gallery for the season.

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Jonathan Durham, 'Slow Burns', 2010, video still.