What We Do

NURTUREart works to ensure equitable access to professional and learning opportunities in contemporary art by building a vibrant, engaged, and inclusive community of artists, curators, and youth.

What began in 1997 as a slide registry in a filing cabinet, NURTUREart today annually features more than 50 artists and curators, presents more than 20 public events, reaches 200 public school students, and supports more than 1,500 emerging artists and curators in an online registry. We’re committed to our work and guided by:

NURTUREart provides space and financial support to artists and curators for experimental creation and opportunities to students for creative investigation.

NURTUREart designs accessible programming for diverse audiences to engage and participate in inspired ideas and the creative imagination.

NURTUREart promotes equitable education for students and adults by providing unique opportunities to make, discuss, and experience contemporary art.

Exhibitions & Public Programs

Our arts and public programs demonstrate the role artists and curators play in our communities by connecting audiences to creative practices, ideas, art forms, and each other. Through a multi-format public engagement and artist support series, NURTUREart provides direct support to artists and curators and aims to inspire the public to think critically about the world around them and connect to their creative and local communities.

We present a full season of exhibitions annually through a juried open call. We support both individual artists for unique solo shows as well as emerging curators in preparation of a group exhibition. Our gallery space is a platform to connect audiences, including local public school students, to artists’ exhibitions and their creative ideas.

To support the expanding strategies and media that artists use today, we present time-based art to include multidisciplinary and ephemeral work as a part of our public programs. Performance art is presented to deepen conversations and broaden creative landscapes of the contemporary visual emerging arts.

Founded in 2000, our talk series is a forum for art and ideas, featuring noteworthy artists, critics, curators, and other arts professionals. Muse Fuse promotes continuous education and connects audiences at locations in our space and throughout New York City.


Our two-day festival dedicated to video art and short film screens 15–20 emerging and underrepresented artists annually. Our video festival provides the context for single channel video work to be screened outside of the gallery space to a more suitable context. Participants are selected through a free open call.

Our online registry is a user-managed online platform for emerging artists and emerging curators to share their portfolios, promote their work, and expand their networks. More than 1,500 artists and curators participate; registration is free.

NURTUREart has produced more than 30 publications including exhibition catalogs, full-season exhibition reviews, and critical dialogues in contemporary art. Nearly all publications are available online to the general public free of charge.



NURTUREart partners with Brooklyn public schools and non-profit organizations to create opportunities for artistic collaborations with underserved populations. We believe in fair and equal access to high quality art experiences that are inclusive to all audiences. By offering resources and expertise, we design responsive arts programs with our partners and for our local constituents. We generate innovative curricula for students, adults, and educators—inspiring a future of arts education in local neighborhoods and a lifelong connection to the arts. Our gallery and neighboring arts organizations—which provide space for viewing, inquiry, and dialogue—are the platforms that bridge artists and students to each other and to our local arts resources.

Our residencies provide students the opportunity to collaborate with professional artists during the school year and regularly visit NURTUREart’s exhibition series. Students learn technical skills that lay a foundation to develop creative projects that voice student and community interests. Students additionally gain skills in contemporary art making, visual literacy, and art appreciation.

Our Project Curate program engages students fully in the curatorial process with a professional emerging curator to plan, organize, and mount an exhibition. Local high school students experience the entire curatorial process including visiting professional artist studios, connecting with arts professionals, developing arts writing skills, installing an exhibition, and learning arts administration.

In our Art Explorers Club, students learn to engage with art through a series of visits to neighborhood arts organizations, galleries, studios, and creative spaces. We introduce students to artists and cultural workers who further teach how to look at art, how to discuss art, and learn about a possible future career and role in the arts. Students learn to navigate the cultural resources in their own backyard, creating space for communities and neighbors to connect.

Our youth advisory board works with NURTUREart’s Board of Trustees. Participating students have the unique opportunity to provide input on our programs over the course of a year, while at the same time realizing a capstone student-driven project related to arts and non-profit initiatives.

We partner with non-profit organizations to provide creative instruction, NURTUREart gallery visits, and exhibition opportunities to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our Access Program, in partnership with AHRC New York City, is free of charge to all participants.

Our Education Programs rely on collaboration, support, and input from our partners. Through partnership we are able to connect youth, classroom teachers, artists, curators, and so many more. Our current Education Program partners include Juan Morel Campos High School, M.S. 136, P.S. 147, and AHRC New York City.