NURTUREart Non-Profit Inc. is dedicated to nurturing new contemporary art by providing exhibition opportunities and resources for emerging artists, curators and public school students. Founded in 1997 by George Robinson to realize his vision of a non-profit dedicated to supporting artists, NURTUREart is now located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, the heart of emerging art in New York City. NURTUREart works at the intersection of art, curatorial practice and education. We support outstanding and provocative ideas in their early stages, helping underrepresented artists and curators take bold steps forward while promoting diversity in making, talking and sharing contemporary art. Above all, we value professionalism and accessibility while engaging broad, inter-generational audiences and encouraging their participation.

NURTUREart's core programs:

Registry of Artists and Curators

The online registry offers the professional art community and the general public—on a local, national and international scale—access to explore a vibrant cross section of emerging contemporary art.


Each year NURTUREart’s Brooklyn gallery presents a full season of group and solo exhibitions, as well as special events and off-site projects.

Muse Fuse

NURTUREart’s Muse Fuse is a series of informal talks and conversations with a variety of outstanding art critics, curators, gallerists, artists and other art world professionals.


The Education Program creates opportunities for artistic and curatorial collaborations with students of all ages through partnerships with NYC public schools and non-profit organizations.

Special Events

NURTUREart’s special events bring a diverse public together to enrich understanding, challenge thinking and form a vibrant art community.

NURTUREart, our name is our mission.