Muse Fuse is NURTUREart’s series of salon-style talks. We invite guest speakers from the forefront of the art world to talk about their work and share their expertise with NURTUREart’s community.

The program was started in 2000 to offer professional education and networking opportunities to the NURTUREart community. It has since become a popular forum, featuring notable artists, critics, curators, gallerists, bloggers, collectors, consultants, and more among its guest speakers. The informal setting of the talks and open Q&A sessions establish a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, facilitating engagement and exchange.

Before each talk, NURTUREart encourages all Muse Fuse participants to share helpful information (deadlines for grants, exhibition opportunities, studios for rent, invitations for upcoming exhibitions, etc.) as well as something to eat and/or drink. There is no charge to attend and no reservation is necessary.

A partial list of recent speakers includes: Jake Yuzna, Paul David Young, Kathleen Gilrain, Ann Fensterstock, Ian Cofre, Walter Robinson, Martha Schwendener, Sara Reisman, Sharon Matt Atkins, Mary Mattingly, Will Brand and Ben Davis.

Location and Directions:

NURTUREart Gallery: 56 Bogart Street, Bushwick, L train to Morgan Avenue, exit via the Bogart Street stairs and you will see the gallery directly across the street from the subway.